Prescriptions made simple.

Your pills synchronised, sorted and delivered to your door

Whether you’re on 3 pills a day or 20, our pharmacists will group exactly what your doctor has prescribed into single, easy-tear sachets. Each sachet is stamped with the date and time you need to take the pills. No more fiddling with bottles and blister packs; no more counting out pills; no more worrying that you missed a dose. And best of all, our packing service is FREE!

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We’ve got your prescriptions sorted

Your roll of easypill sachets follows your doctor’s orders about timing and doses. We can even include half or quarter pills. All you have to do is tear off the next sachet when it’s time to take your pills.

  • Same price as in-store (plus postage) – our packing service is free
  • Synchronised repeats – so your prescriptions don’t finish at different times (wherever possible)
  • Timely reminders – so there’s no more calling the doctor for a lastminute repeat
  • Travelling? Simply tear off the sachets you need for the days you’ll be away

Quick Start


Your community pharmacist

easypill isn’t a technology business, and there’s no technology for you to learn. We’re a Victorian community pharmacy offering certainty, control and online convenience to those who need it most.

You don’t need to live in Inverloch to use our pharmacy. And we’ll give you the same pills your doctor prescribed — they’ll just be packaged in our labelled easypill sachets.

Your prescription is checked in-store by our Australia-registered pharmacists every time. These are the same pharmacists you’ll speak to when you phone with a question. Or, you can come in and talk to us in person in Inverloch.

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Like having a pharmacist in your home

Being in the easypill community is like having a pharmacist in your home to dispense every dose. You can feel reassured that you’re taking your pills exactly as your doctor prescribed. This way, you and your doctor can make easypill Website decisions about your health with greater accuracy because you know you’ve done everything to the letter.

How it Works


Date- and time-stamped

Your prescriptions, pre-sorted into sachets by date and time.


Timely reminders

No last-minute scramble when your repeats run out


Delivery to your door

Your pills delivered to your front door anywhere in Victoria. (Or pick-up in Inverloch.)


Community pharmacy

Call your easypill pharmacist in Inverloch any time


Same price as in-store

The only extra is for postage. Our packing service is free!


Travel easy

Going away? Just tear off the sachets you need and go.

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We’re here for you

easypill delivers the benefits of a community pharmacy to you wherever you are in Victoria. We’re not a computer company; we’re local pharmacists you can talk to about:

  • Minimising side effects (as pharmacists, we’re medication specialists)
  • Whether there are options to combine your medications so you’re taking fewer pills.
  • Being certain you’re doing exactly what your doctor wants