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Taking three, ten, twenty or more pills every day is a lot to manage, especially when your health isn’t great. Your pills come in different shaped bottles and packets. Some months your pills might be dispensed under different brand names, which only adds to the confusion. The result is never-ending sorting, counting and worrying.

As Victorian pharmacists, Phil Lo and Will Khoo saw a way to make technology work for customers who wanted to take back control. They invested in specialist equipment, which is installed in their Inverloch pharmacy and supervised by Australia-registered pharmacists. No order leaves the store until a pharmacist has inspected it by hand.

When your pills come pre-sorted into easy-tear sachets, you always know you’re following your doctor’s instructions. You can then spend your time on better things than counting pills. And with your doctor reassured you are taking the correct pills, you and your doctor can make the best decisions about your health together.

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Will and Phil are committed to the community pharmacy philosophy. They believe every Victorian should be able to talk to a medication specialist. As medication specialists, pharmacists can do so much more to improve your health than just dispense pills.

To use their knowledge to help you, your pharmacist needs to have the time and opportunity to talk to you. That isn’t always possible in a busy pharmacy. easypill solves that problem by making sure you have a booked appointment set aside so you and your pharmacist can talk properly about your health.

With easypill, Phil and Will are taking their community pharmacy philosophy state-wide. Wherever they are in Victoria, every member of our community starts by talking to a pharmacist who can take the time to understand their health and their prescriptions.

And while you enjoy the convenience of on-time delivery, you always have access to a pharmacist to ask questions.

You’ll be amazed by how much easier managing your prescriptions and your health is with easypill.

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